such as:

punching bag

One pro-grade, 100-pound boxer's punching bag/stress reliever/employment perk


airline seats

Two original first-class seats from a 1960s United Airways passenger jet


exotic pets

Three employees with
charming exotic pets


bobble heads


dart commuters

Five DART commuters, riding the tracks to work and back


energy drink fiends

Cool fact: If they all stand together and hold hands, they emit an electrical current powerful enough to charge two smartphones




feral pigeon attacks*

Eight bird attacks waged upon 70kfteammates – all occurring less than 50ft from the front doors. Though claw marks and beak nips may fade, some scars are too deep to heal

*total incidents as of 07/11/13

native texans


70kft wants to formally thank you for your important role in writing our story, 10 years in the making


Back in design school, I started imagining my ultimate workplace. I envisioned a vibrant, indelible space, brought to life by a team of daredevils who loved beautiful work as much as I always have.

I wanted to walk through the doors each morning to see friends and experts challenging each other to deliver the brightest ideas with the fullest results.

Friends, in just over a decade, I’m proud to say, ‘We’ve arrived.’ And so much has been gained along the way.

-Gus Granger

Please be our guest as we roll back the desks, lower the task lights, and raise the roof with some of our dear Friends, Clients, Family, Fans and Brand Ambassadors.

Serious parties feature heavy hors d’oeuvres, important guests, excellent music, photographers and adult beverages. Remember that part about important guests? Well that’s where you come into play.

Be sure to fill in your top choice for base liquor and answer the fun, musical-mapping questions on the RSVP card below. We’ll be mixing up some very special surprises at the party, made just for you!

70kft 10th Anniversary Private Label Party

Who: You and a Guest
Date: Friday, August 16
Time: Doors open at 7:30/Serious partying begins at 8:00
Place: Our Expanded Fourth-Floor Digs – 208 N. Market Street, Dallas, TX
Cream-colored brick building, at the corner of Market & Elm, overlooking the DART West End Train Station

70kft 10th Anniversary Private Label Party

8 | 16 | 13

Please respond by either mailing your completed RSVP card enclosed with your formal invitation (arriving soon), or register online by Friday, August 9.

Will you be attending?
10-atively, Maybe
“Can't go to that… No can do…”

Will you be bringing a guest?
Yes        No

Now for the Fun Stuff

Take a moment to share some of the things that delight and inspire you. Every answer is important because we’ll be mixing up a few surprises, fine-tuned to your unique taste.

What is your favorite base for mixed cocktails?
Gin    Rum    Tequila Vodka    Whiskey